AMX International, Incorporated

  Glen Boyls, Management Consultant
  AMX International, Incorporated
Glen Boyls works with business leaders to solve complex problems and translate business concepts into reality.  He has worked with large and mid-sized companies including Verizon, Oracle and IG Petroleum to achieve significant financial and operational improvement.  Glen applies over 25 years of successful management experience and lessons learned to each engagement.  He has also developed numerous methodologies, tools and techniques to expedite the attainment of meaningful results for your company.
His experience includes:
Project management
Business practice and process reengineering
Business continuity and risk management
Business analytics
Information technology
International business
As a proven road warrior, Glen is prepared to travel extensively within the US and maintains a US Passport for international engagements.  Glen also represents companies doing business in the US and Washington DC.
Glen is a US citizen, a US military veteran, has a Master of Science degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources Management, and he is an Ernst & Young alumnus.
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