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Innovative and Comprehensive

Risk Management Solutions

AMXi provides innovative and comprehensive risk management solutions that improve risk oversight, bottom line performance, business resiliency and growth. Our professionals have the knowledge and real world expertise required to support your most demanding risk management needs. We have functional expertise in over 135 subject areas, across 14 industries including: banking, credit ratings, energy, environment, information technology, insurance, manufacturing, outsourcing, public accounting, regulatory compliance and supply chains; privately held and publically traded corporations; non-profit organizations; state and federal governments; and foreign governments.
Enterprise Risk Management - AMXi has developed an innovative approach to Enterprise Risk Management that helps you outperform your competitors. It’s designed for performance optimizing executives that want to maximize performance, while avoiding business, economic and compliance hazards. It provides directors with a clear understanding of major risks faced by the organization. It provides the agility needed by senior executives and key decision makers to aggressively maximize business performance and the scalability to support the integration of new business lines and acquisitions. ERM Guide, More
Program Reviews - The global financial crisis has resulted in new conversations and questions among board members, senior executive and key decision makers regarding the strengths and weakness of the organization’s risk management function. Board members want a clearer understanding of the major risks faced by the organization and senior executives and key decision makers want quality risk information so they can more aggressively pursue opportunities that maximize business performance and growth. We help our clients assess their current risk management program.  More
Tabletop Exercises - Boards of directors are increasingly focusing on the duty to understand and monitor the company’s risk profile. The need for independent board retained expert advice is becoming critical for many boards who seek to test assumptions and help them formulate, and answer, the “right questions”. Tabletop exercises will help the board understand the effectiveness of the risk management program, and provide independent guidance as to where additional inquiry or oversight may be required. AMXi professionals work with board members, executives, managers and key employees to develop realistic exercises that test and stress the organization’s governance, risk management and compliance policies, processes, procedures, response, and recovery capabilities. More
Risk Appetite Statements - Risk appetite statements unlock the full potential of an organization. The corporate risk appetite statement formally establishes the amount of risk the organization is willing to take on or prepared to accept in pursuit of the organization’s strategies and objectives. It provides directors with a clear understanding of major risks and empowers senior executives to more aggressively pursue opportunities that maximize overall business performance and growth. Business unit risk appetite statements reflect the amount of risk business units are willing to take on or prepared to accept in pursuit of business strategies and performance objectives. Our approach is designed to make the development of risk appetite statements less challenging by focusing on key stakeholder expectations, corporate objectives, corporate strategies and the associated major risks. More
Reports and Dashboards - Are you comfortable with the timeliness, accuracy and uniformity of your risk management reports? If you answered No, you’re not alone. Based on a North Carolina State University survey, 75% of risks are reported on an ad hoc basis or at management meetings. Furthermore, 74% of organizations do not provide a report on the organization’s top risks to Directors.  We work with directors, senior executives, managers and staff members to design and develop actionable risk management reports and dashboards that provide valuable information on known and emerging risks. More
Culture Transformation - For organizations to maximize bottom line performance, business resiliency and growth from enterprise risk management, it must make sure it is aligned with their culture else it will fail. In his book, Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance? Lou Gerstner said: “When I started at IBM I thought culture was important; when I finished I realized that it was the only thing that was important.” Our professionals recognize the importance of culture transformation and work closely with people at all levels of your organization to ensure enterprise risk management and employee empowerment initiatives such as knowledge transfer, awareness programs, education and training are successful. More
Business Analytics - AMXi professionals have the knowledge and expertise required to support the quantitative and qualitative analysis needs of our clients. We help our clients establish a risk management environment that strikes a sustainable balance among quantitative methods, qualitative observations, hands-on experience and good business judgment. This allows executives, key decision makers, management and employees to drive business performance while avoiding risks management failures. The old adage is true; the fastest cars have the best brakes. More

Education and Training - Finally, practical and jargon-free performance optimization workshops and courses that improve:

  • Risk oversight
  • Strategic planning and tactics execution
  • Financial and operational performance
  • Resiliency to known, emerging and unknown risks
  • The flow of critical decision-making information for seizing growth opportunities
Business Continuity - Business continuity management is a business function that directly contributes to the survival of your organization and focuses on resiliency to a wide-range of natural and man-made events or disasters. Business continuity identifies potential risks to the organization; builds, exercises and maintains business continuity plans, disaster recovery plans and crisis management plans; establishes and maintains the emergency operations center; manages events; and initiates recovery. Our Certified Business Continuity Professionals can support all phases of the business continuity management process to ensure your organization’s resiliency during and after an event or disaster. More 
Strategic Projects - The timely completion of strategically important projects is critical to business performance and growth. Our professionals are highly experienced in the management of strategically important projects including airline computer reservation systems conversions, aircraft manufacturing, major labor strikes, software products, outsourcing, acquisition integration, etc. We have functional expertise in over 135 subject areas, across 14 industries including: privately held and publically traded corporations; non-profit organizations; state and federal governments; and foreign governments. We are prepared to help our clients successfully plan and complete, or turnaround strategically important projects. More